Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp down

Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp are experiencing a worldwide blackout. These massive outages during the past few weeks have made things much harder for the users who were using these platforms on a daily basis.

Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp are down

Instagram has responded that they are aware of what has happened and it seems they weren’t able to settle this issue in the long run. Some arguing that all these are a result of their recent algorithm update. The theory is yet to be confirmed.

All these recent outages have made one thing clear.

Which is Facebook is using its AI-based algorithm to identify what’s on the photos users uploaded.
When these platforms are down, it is a common thing that for most of the users, their feed is not loading and can’t see images or videos.

Instead of phots, people have seen AI-generated captions with each of their ‘almost loaded’ feed images.
As you can see on ‘not completely loaded’ Insta feed there are some texts showing what might contain on the photo. These are AI-Generated alt texts/captions for each photo.


This made one thing clear, which is ‘Instagram SEO’ is a thing and you should take this into consideration. Not just the hashtags, now it is time to use better alt texts with your posts.

Even though it is not a proven concept, if you are planning on long term Instagram success then you should pay close attention to these minor changes.

According to Down Detector, which is known to be a good source to find out whether your favorite platform is down or not, still, there are hundreds of user complaints.

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Instagram Down, what should I do?

Well, there’s nothing you could do. Just stay calm and let Instagram finish the job.
Down Detector is one good tool to keep an eye, when you notice an outage.

You can always check the Instagram status on Down Detector here

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Here’s how Instagram outage looked on down detector


Instagram down-Outage Map

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Facebook down, what should I do?

Again, literally, you must stay calm and let it settle.

Panicking won’t solve any of the problems you might have.

Here’s the down detector status page for Facebook.

Bookmark it and check whenever you see or feel any sort of downtime with Facebook.

Facebook Down - Outage Map

Facebook Down – Outage Map

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WhatsApp down, what should I do?

As many people use WhatsApp as their preferred way for communication, this might create huge communication issues.

Even though you can not do anything to resolve these issues you better establish new means of communication with your clients and coworkers.

Here’s the down detector page for WhatsApp status

WhatsApp Down - Outage Map

WhatsApp Down – Outage Map

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Twitter is not Down and People love it

People love Twitter when Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are down
It sounds like something weird. Yet, that’s the truth.

The majority of millennials have forgotten about Twitter. But, they swarm into Twitter with the hashtag #InstagramDown whenever they see an outage.

And the humor is everywhere.

And here comes CIA. They rest assure that blackout isn’t their doing.
You gotta trust them. Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp down made a lot of people cry. CIA, they made fun out of it. Good Vibes only 😀

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Even though all these leading platforms are equipped with all the latest and cutting-edge technologies things could go wrong anytime. When that happens we all have to be prepared ourselves. You may be using Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp for your personal needs or for your businesses. Whatever the purpose is, you will still be affected when these platforms go down.
By experience, I know that most of my clients are using WhatsApp for communication. If something happened to WhatsApp or Facebook or Instagram, I always have contingencies. Because I know communication is the key to success when you do online business.

Comment below, what you do when you see your favorite social media platform is down?

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