The best free grammar checker app for freelancers and professionals

Update - 2020.01.23

Content is one of the critical elements of online success. When you heard the term ‘Content’ you probably think of images and videos. Yes, they both are essential. But, I’m here talking about written content. Writing a good piece of content is something you shouldn’t take lightly. No matter how visually appealing your content is, you’d still fail, if you can not write quality content without any grammatical errors.

This is one of the most significant factors that determine your success as a digital entrepreneur. When I was starting my freelance career, this is something I had to deal with daily. I’m not a native speaker. That made things even harder. The quest for finding the best free grammar checker app for professionals became one of the most significant issues to me.

If you check on the internet, you will find plenty of free grammar checkers. I did the same, as I was on a budget when I was starting. And to date, I used several free grammar checkers, and among all, Grammarly is the best I found, and Grammarly offers a paid or premium subscription as well. If you are a content writer, then you should go for their paid plan.

And I’m still using it, and I’m sure I will be using it until the end of time. That’s how much I love the tool. Not because it is free. But, because it comes with almost everything that you’d expect from a free tool.

Write errorless and win clients with a free grammar checker app

The best free grammar checker app for freelancers and professionals

Since I’m sharing my experiences as a freelancer (mostly), let me tell you how important it is to write errorless cover letters. I find the majority of my clients from Upwork and submitting a well-written, Grammatically correct cover letter is mandatory in Upwork’s environment. Since English is not my first language, I find it challenging to write errorless.

This is true, especially when you are writing for a client in the U.S. or U.K or any English speaking country. Building trust and make sure you are the right person to the job depends on several factors. Before anything else, you should get the client’s attention even to get shortlisted for a job.

When you can not write your cover letter in a way that catches the client’s eye, it is highly likely that you are not going to get the job. This is why you need a grammar checker app with you, and Grammarly was my ultimate weapon when writing errorless and appealing cover letters to win clients.

In my experience, I started getting clients as soon as I started using a free grammar checker app when I’m writing. Because with the free grammar checker, I was able to submit an adequately written cover letter with confidence.  Always remember, ‘the first impression is the last impression’.

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Communicate professionally with the clients

Not just for winning clients, Grammarly’s free grammar checker helped me to keep the clients with me. As a freelancer, establishing better communication channels with my clients, always a critical factor that determines the longterm success. And most of the times, my clients used to email me. No matter there are thousands of communication channels are there, emails are still playing a huge role. I usually write 20-25 different emails daily when I’m peaked with my client base. And I must communicate with my clients clearly and errorlessly.

Save time and effort with a free grammar checker app

Writing that many emails per day and keeping all of them error-free is a tedious task and I should not fail it under any circumstance. And if I fail to reply to my clients within 24 hours (Most of the time my response time is less than 12 hours), I may lose them. Because failing to communicate is one key factor that builds mistrust when you are telecommuting.

Then the question is, how come I keep all my writings error-free and professional? And the answer is ‘Grammarly’ grammar checker app. If I had to correct all my writing errors manually and keep my writing professional, then I might not be able to write that many clients a day. In simple words, Grammarly has saved a lot of clients, time and money for me. This is why you should think of using Grammarly today itself.

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Grammarly Tone Detector

Grammarly tone detector


When you are writing to a client, the tone matters. Since we should keep it professional, we should not forget about how ‘professional our tone’ is, when writing an email. Recently, Grammarly has added a new option called ‘Grammarly tone detector’.

If you are not sure how professional your tone is, when you are writing an email, then the answer is Grammarly tone detector. It will give you an idea about your writing tone. And I highly recommend you enable this. I know for a fact when you deliver your message in a friendly or professional tone, it helps keep your clients and win more clients.

If you are new to Gmail and still wondering how to create a Gmail account and make it more secure, you may read this article I wrote. That will help you understand all the basics of creating a Gmail account and securing it.

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Grammarly for your web browser

Let’s see where you can use Grammarly.

I should say, almost everywhere if you are a digital nomad. Even if you are a freelancer or not, you should be browsing the internet nearly every day. And you may be posting to Facebook, Tweeting, Blogging, etc. The point is, parallel to the web browsing you are writing a whole lot of stuff. Aren’t you?

Facebook post correction with free Grammar checker app


What would happen, if you posted something to Facebook with lots of errors? Or Tweet something with lots of grammar ‘mistakes’? I don’t have to tell you how hurtful it is, especially if you are a freelancer and doing various writing for your client.

As a freelance social media marketer, I write captions, copies for my clients. Sometimes I directly post them to their social channels. Just imagine, if I post anything with lost of grammar errors on behalf of my client, what would happen to my client? What would happen to my freelance career? Well, the stakes are high, and room for such errors should be ZERO. This is why you need a Grammar checker app.

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Grammarly for Google Chrome

Grammarly Extension for Google Chrome


Luckily, Grammarly is compatible with Google Chrome, which is my go-to browser, even if it consumes a whole lot of RAM.

You can download the Grammarly Chrome extension from Chrome’s web store and Install it on Chrome. Once you installed the extension, you will have to create a free Grammarly account.

It will take only a minute (Or less), and after that, you can use Grammarly on Google Chrome. When you log into your Gmail on Chrome, Grammarly will come into play, and Grammarly will work with almost all the social accounts, services you use daily. One install, and it will save your day.

Successfully Installed


When you click on the Grammarly icon on your Google Chrome, it will give you another popup. There you will be able to toggle if you need or need not Grammarly’s help with that particular site. (See below image, and there I can toggle Grammarly for or not)

Customizing the way Grammarly work


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Grammarly for Firefox, Safari, and Edge

Add on for Firefox, Safari and Edge


If you are using Firefox, Safari or Edge, then you can also use the full power of Grammarly free grammar checker tool.

Follow the link below. Grammarly official site will direct you to the appropriate location, where you can find the addon/extension for your default web browser. Just toggle between the tabs and find the links to the relevant browser.

Download Grammarly for Firefox, Safari and Edge

When you check Grammarly add-on for Firefox, you will see this notice.

Firefox add on


It says

Mozilla doesn’t monitor this extension. Make sure you trust the extension before you install it.

Not sure why there’s such notice though. But, it is for sure that the publisher of the add-on is Grammarly. If not Grammarly would not direct their users to that add-on at all.

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Grammarly for Microsoft Office

Grammarly for Microsoft office


Not just for the browsers, Grammarly also supports MS Office. I utilized this mainly not as a freelancer. But, as a Student, I made use of Grammarly free grammar checker with Microsoft Word. It is a handy tool when you are writing your assignments.

Most importantly if you are writing your thesis/dissertation, then I highly recommend you use Grammarly free (Maybe you should even go for their premium as it will surely secure an ‘A’ for your thesis.) grammar checker tool.

Grammarly Microsoft word


Once you install Grammarly for Microsoft Office, your MS word will get this add-in, on the toolbar. If you need to enable the add-in, all you have to do is click on the Grammarly icon on your taskbar.

It will allow Grammarly to on Microsoft Word, and you can see all your Grammar errors, modifications you should do in the right pane. Correcting everything will become more accessible than ever once Grammarly is active on Microsoft Word.

Grammarly Word add-in

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Grammarly for Android and iOS

best free grammar checker app for professionals

Grammarly first launched its Keyboard for iOS. And everyone loved it. And they also released their Keyboard for Android users. All smartphone users can now rejoice 😀

Download Grammarly for iOS Download Grammarly for Android

As a freelancer, sometimes I have to send emails to my clients on the go. Most of the times, I used my smartphone to reply. Having a Grammarly keyboard installed on my iPhone was a life-saving solution. Grammarly free grammar checker saved me tons of time and a considerable chunk of money.

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Pros and Cons of best free grammar checker app, Grammarly

9.1Expert Score
The best free grammar checker App-Grammarly. What we think.

Grammarly is a ‘Freemium’ Grammar checker app. The free version comes with a load of cool features and things get even better when you upgrade to a premium plan. It is not an absolute necessity to upgrade to a premium plan if you are not a substantial writer. If you need more professional touch to what you write, go premium. It worth the money.

Free features
Easy to use
Work with web browsers
iOS and Android Apps
Tone Detector feature
  • Super high accuracy
  • Their suggestions always work the best
  • Easy to understand
  • You can get real-time grammar corrections and feedback
  • Applying the corrections is just a push of a button
  • Works better than any of their competitors
  • Can be customised as per your need.
  • Can identify even if there’s an extra space between 2 words
  • Works great when there’s a typo or spelling error.
  • If you are not a native speaker, Grammarly will save you a ton of time and money
  • Tone Detector feature is super handy
  • Android and iOS keyboard is amazing
  • The free version has ads
  • Still Grammarly for Google Docs in beta testing
  • The free version doesn’t come with Plagiarism checker
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Should you subscribe to Grammarly Premium?

It is not a tough call. But it depends. If you are a freelancer who is just starting your freelance journey, then paying for Grammarly (Or anything that is ‘Freemium’) is not a viable option. Even without paying, you can still use Grammarly and its powerful grammar checker abilities.

If you are a ‘heavy’ writer and always need to maintain higher standards for your writings, then you better go for Grammarly premium. When subscribing to an annual plan, then it would be $11.66/month. Not planning on using Grammarly for a year?, then Monthly and quarterly plans are for you as well. The monthly plan would cost you $29.95/month, and the quarterly is $19.98/month. Either way, you will get the best for your money.

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Is Grammarly for free?

Yes, Grammarly is a ‘Freemium’ service. It means they offer both free and paid services. Free assistance is more than enough if you are not a substantial writer. If you are doing professional writing, then you better consider paying for their Premium.

How much does it cost to use Grammarly?

If you sign up for the free plan, then it won’t cost you anything. Annual Premium will cost you $11.66/month (Billed annually) Quarterly Premium is $19.98/month (Billed quarterly) Monthly Premium will cost you $29.95/month

Is Grammarly good for students?

Indeed yes. Grammarly helped me with both my B.Sc. and M.Phil. thesis writing. Also, Grammarly helped me with almost all the assignments I completed as an undergraduate and a post-graduate. So, Grammarly surely is a tool for students as well.

Will Grammarly work with Word?

Yes, you will have to download the Grammarly Microsoft Office Add-in and install it. It will seamlessly work with almost all the Microsoft Office tools, including Microsoft Word

How do I add Grammarly to Gmail?

It depends on which browser you use. As an example, if you are a Google Chrome user first, you will have to install Google Chrome Grammarly extension from Web Store. Then it will start Grammarly on all the Chrome tabs you opened. When you are on Gmail, then you don’t have to do anything as long as you have installed the Chrome extension.

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Conclusion- The best free grammar checker app

Writing an errorless piece of content is a challenging task. If you write a lot, then correcting all the grammar errors, punctuations and making your writing more professional are time-consuming Tasks. Then you need reliable tools to do everything on the go. There are so many different free grammar checker tools available.

They all have their differences and similarities. In my opinion and experience, Grammarly is the best when it comes to almost everything we expect from a free grammar checker app. Grammarly offers a mobile keyboard for both iOS and Android So all the smartphone users will have the opportunity to experience the full power of a free grammar checker app on the go.

Grammarly free grammar checker app is not only for freelancers. It is for all kinds of professionals. This fantastic app not only makes the writing easy but also it makes the reading enjoyable at it’s best.

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